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2014. augusztus 10., vasárnap

A success story



“www.japan-guide.com is an online travel and sightseeing guide for Japan. I started the site in 1996, purely as a hobby. Japan really interested me, but I didn’t like the way it was being portrayed in the media. So I started my own site, free of stereotypes – just Japan as it is. When I lost my job in 2001, I got the motivation to turn the site into a full-time business. After moving to Japan in 2003 and still struggling, I gave AdSense a try, and it really helped my business take a big step forward.
I was amazed at how well it performed compared to other ad networks. The income has allowed me to hire extra people, and we now register about one million unique visitors a month. Over time, AdSense has become easier to use, and the new tools to control ads and ad types have been great. Revenue from AdSense has allowed me to concentrate fully on developing the travel section of the site. And consequently it’s grown from just a few pages into the 1,000-page guide it is today!”
Stefan Schauwecker, Company president
Gunma Prefecture, Japan

2014. augusztus 6., szerda

Menu creator

There are many company who specialised to needs of computer users. And there are few website, who advertised yourself as a free service, just come to register. Immediately after your registry they tell you the big secret: haha, it will just a joke! You will free just now - than when you build your dream (website, menu, webshop), you can enjoy it after paying.

In my opinion they are very incorrect. They have bad business spirit. And they will lost many possibility.

Why am I be so sure in this? They are who must to pay for advertisement to be the top of the Google searching list. But if you are able to be patient and send time for more searching than you can find REALLY FREE sites.

This is one of the negative example: http://cssmenumaker.com/free-css-menus - free but not free!
And this is one, what is free... hopefully: http://css3menu.com/ and other tools creator


Vannak cégek, akik a számítógépes felhasználók igényeire specializálódtak. És van néhány weboldal, akik ingyenes szolgáltatóként hirdetik magukat, csak gyere és regisztrálj. A regisztrációd után azonnal elárulják neked a nagy titkot: haha, csak vicceltek! Ingyenes csak most - aztán mikor felépítetted az álmodat (weboldal, menüpontok, webáruház), majd fizetés után élvezheted.

Véleményem szerint ők nagyon inkorrektek. Rossz üzleti szellemiségük van. Amivel sok lehetőséget elveszítenek.

Miért vagyok ebben olyan biztos? Ők azok, akiknek fizetniük kell a hirdetésért, hogy a Google keresőlistáján az elsők közt legyenek. De ha te képes vagy türelemre és időt fordítani a további keresésre, akkor találhatsz VALÓBAN INGYENES oldalakat.

Íme egy negatív példa: http://cssmenumaker.com/free-css-menus - ingyenes, de mégsem.
És egy, ami viszont ingyenes... remélhetőleg: http://css3menu.com/ és más eszközkészítő

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Jakarta vs Hungary

Indonesia is a huge country with thousands of islands in the South-East Asia.
Jakarta is the capital of Republic of Indonesia.

Hungary is a small country in Central Europe, its capital is Budapest.

Both of them are very beautiful and lovely tourism destination, have big and interesting history, and we can discover the fantastic places.

How interesting: territory of Jakarta is slightly larger than Budapest (20 %), but population of Jakarta is greater than the whole country of Hungarians.